We are positive, honest and always ready to help you and your pets.

Consultations of qualified veterinarians and preparations of global pharmaceutical manufacturers is a guarantee for the best solutions.

The reputation of AB Kauno Grūdai is associated with quality, traditions, and centuries of experience, economic power and modernity. As a part of KAUNAS GRŪDAI, we strive to maintain values, leadership positions and consumer trust in both Lithuanian and foreign markets.

There are 8 autonomous businesses in the company, one of them – veterinary pharmaceutical business, which has been running since 2008. Veterinary medicines trade is carried out in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Poland. We are market leaders not only in Lithuania but also in Latvia with subsidiary SIA VetMEd.

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We represent world-known companies in Lithuania and we are in close cooperation with these manufacturers of veterinary medicines

Small animal segment

Cattle segment

Swine segment

Poultry segment