sends clear message to pet owners

Did you know?

up to 50% of dogs get flee infestation taking into account the season and habits of pets (cats too get often infested).

up to 95% of dogs get tick infestation (cats too get often infested).

If dog Max or Cat Matilda could speak, they would surely say: we do not want to be protected halfway!

Quite rarely we think about how much time we spend with our pets, what we do and what we share with them. Sometimes it is – happiness, sometimes – empathies, often – our bed, kisses and even dishes. Pets are surely valuable members of our families and their health and happiness depend entirely on their owners.

Initiators of the social project „I don‘t want to be protected halfway“ have an unique goal – to spread the message that only you can take care of your pet‘s and members‘ of your family health.

We invite you to join the social campaign „I don‘t want to be protected halfway“, to be responsible pet owner and make sure that you choose antiparasitic products with maximum protection for your pet. More information about safe and particularly effective antiparasitic products